Sparring Safety

Any and all sparring / and contact Sparring drills

All following equipment must be worn at all times.

Mouth guard single or double (correctly moulder and fitted)

Head guard (full head cover and chin) Dipped foam or Moulded rubber                

Hand pads covering all hand and closed finger weighted or non weighed

Shin pads elasticated, dipped foam or light weight rubber (not plastic style)

(long trousers must be worn over the shin pads, no shorts when sparring, exceptions for low kick or tai boxing only) *

Feet pads that cover whole top and back of foot

All sparring equipment should be in good repair, not tears, holes and correctly fitting.

*only if agreed beforehand with our main office in writing

Failler to comply with any of the above will result in invalidating your insurance policy without refund.

for more information including examples of approved safety equipment please contact our head of or call 07974196256